2021 Updates

New strand of Covid-19 and black fungus combination is killing thousands on a daily basis.

MATC, which includes all of our prayer and financial supporters are now supplying food and essentials to thousands of scared, hurting people. This includes 200 pastors, 100 school teachers, and their families. Browse through these photos and take a look at how God is using us to show His love in the most devastating and deadly time India has ever faced. God is using this devastation to spark a huge curiosity in the peoples heart about Himself. The people are hungry to know Jesus. Check out our little classrooms where people come in willingly to learn more about Christ.

Without our prayer and financial sponsors, none of this would happen.

Field report from MATC in India during Covid pandemic of 2020

Live recording from PAstor Steven – India

Retrieved on May 1st 2021